Easter Uproot

This Easter Sunday, while my family and church sing praises to our risen Savior near the waters of Kodiak Island, I will be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, trying desperately to sleep. On the most precious day of the year, I will be uprooted from my beloved sons and husband. I do not go lightly. I am joining a small group from a seminary and flying to Turkey, Greece and Italy for 2 weeks of research on the Apostle Paul. 

As I go, I will remember the Cross. Maybe you don't believe in the Cross or the man who hung there. But please come for a moment and consider these words, given to me today. All of Creation is changed because of that day. Pain shall some day be turned to joy, all harm shall finally be turned to good because of this:

cross in desert.jpg


I will send photos and words to you while there, as well as I can.

But most of all, this Holy Week, find the branches of this tree:

build a nest, rest and feed. 


With love, joy and gratitude,