Does God Care about Food? (My 2 new food videos!)


Dear Readers,

I am wearing part of summer. It sits around my middle and if I grab it just right I can make out the last piece of kielbasa roasted over a beach fire, hunks of smoked salmon, the raspberry shortcake with chocolate drizzle. But I am not repentant. When 23 people jump out of a plane onto your beach (in July), and you’re all cooking, eating, conversing together about Important Things, which include FOOD and all the ways it matters——-you just have to pull on your fat jeans and celebrate, you know??

Here’s how we did it in July, here on Harvester Island. It’s our First ever Spirit of Food workshop and retreat.

You know the answer to my question already: “Does God care about food?” But here are some answers that might surprise you. And they are just the very beginning of so many ore answers and reasons God cares so deeply about (your, mine, the world’s) food:


Would you share with us all a special food memory from this summer?

And—-other thoughts on how food matters to our faith?

Spirit of Food--Gail, Ann at table.jpeg
SOF-Leslie and Eileen fileting.jpg
Spirit of Food--elissa, lisa patti in kitchen.jpeg

P.S. We had SO much fun, we’re doing it again next year! Stay tuned here for further news: