Leslie's Mother's Day Videos:The Happiest Best News for Parents!

Dearest Mothers, our day is coming! Hopefully we'll all get at least a flower in church, and who knows, maybe even coffee in bed and a phone call from our faraway children? I am remembering this glorious day last summer when all of us were together not only on the same island, but the same trampoline And here is one of the truths of Mother's Day:

But Mother's Day can be profoundly disappointing as well, for so many reasons. (This will be my hardest ever, for reasons I cannot share . . .)

May I bring some good news today---and may I speak it rather than write it this week? Two videos below to hopefully brighten your day. (Yes, these are not a total barrel of laughs--but hang on, good stuff in there!!)

And--I am beginning 6 weeks of giveaways in this special time between Mothers and Father's Day. If you share any or all of the posts these next few weeks, let me know, and I'll put your name in the hat for one free book given each week, (your choice of two books) AND one free audio book.  Share away--with grateful thanks!

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*The Sad Story of Samson=The Happiest Best News for Parents!

*More good news! Stop looking to your children for your happiness and fulfillment. Here's why:

*Content here is from Parenting is Your Highest Calling … and Eight Other Myths that Trap Us in Worry and Guilt

And finally, may I leave you with *this?

"If I pursue God first as my highest call and am satisfied in his love, then I am freed not to love my children less but to love them rightly. I am freed from the error of the disciple's mother, who sought identity and significance through her sons rather than in her role as God's redeemed daughter. Like Abraham, I discover that God's promises are rooted in God alone, not in my children or my mother or my father or any other person. 
   Knowing this, when my children or anyone in my larger family disappoints, I need not be shaken. We are asked to lose our lives in Christ's life, not in our children's or our parent's lives. Our greatest faith and highest hopes are not in our mothers and fathers and daughters and sons, but in the Son who has already come. "

The Son who has already come.

Peace and Hope to you all this week.

(And let me know if your name goes in the hat this week.)