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“An excellent resource for the journey…The authors’ gracious approach does not minimize the pain adults feel about their relationships with parents who have hurt them. Neither does it offer platitudes. Instead, the Fields and Hubbard outline concrete steps to do the necessary work of forgiveness in order to move forward into a life of freedom.  An excellent resource for the journey." 
  -  Publishers Weekly

"Leslie Leyland Fields and Jill Hubbard take us into raw, messy stories so we can be transformed by that mysterious and painful grace in the force called forgiveness."
 —Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary

“If our families are to flourish, we will need to learn and practice ways of forgiving those who have had the greatest impact upon us: our mothers and fathers."

Do you struggle with the deep pain of a broken relationship with a parent?

Leslie Leyland Fields and Dr. Jill Hubbard invite you to walk with them as they explore these questions:

 - Why must we forgive at all?

 - How do we honor those who act dishonorably toward us, especially when those people are as influential as our parents?

 - Can we ever break free from the “sins of our fathers”?

 - What does forgiveness look like in the lives of real parents and children?

 - Does forgiveness always require reconciliation?

Through the authors’ own compelling personal stories combined with a fresh look at the Scriptures, Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers illustrates and instructs in the practice of authentic forgiveness, leading you away from hate and hurt toward healing, hope, and freedom.