Out On The Deep Blue

True Stories of Daring, Persistence, and Survival from the Nation’s Most Dangerous Profession

“ . . .These are gripping stories . . . Set in the frigid and unforgiving waters of remote places such as the Bering Sea and the North Atlantic, these 19 chapters vividly describe the realities and motivations of those pursuing swordfish, herring, salmon, crab, urchins, and other creatures of the deep...Featuring such noted authors as Peter Mathiessen, Spike Walker, and Linda Greenlaw, this first compendium is an absorbing look at a world few even consider, much less experience.” ----amazon.com

Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer:
“If all stories are about either strangers coming to town or heroes going away, these are tales of heroes going to sea. They are worthy of the telling.”

Kirkus Review:
“The writing here is always thoughtful, always attentive, and shorn of the trimmings.”

“ . . . For readers interested in that topic [the life of the commercial fisherman], especially those who liked The Perfect Storm, it is sure to satisfy.

Publisher’s Weekly:
“Sure to appeal to readers who like adventure and introspection.”